ArticleDriver's Ed

Overall, my strategy for Driver was excellent. Anyway, thre's one tip that I forgot to mention which got me through a lot of missoins: If you have a cop on your tail when you reach your target point and you have to lose him, simply come to a stop, let him rear-end you, then back into him repeatedly. You won't take much damage, but he will, and as soon as that cop's out of commission, you'll hear some sweet words: "We lost him." Mission accomplished!

This is a superb technique. It's especially nice for those missions where it seems as if the cops never leave you alone at the very end (but isn't that like, all of 'em?).

ArticleHow to Survive in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those games that may be off-putting at first but once you dive in, it’s hard to get away. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how incredibly immersive the title is. Of course, it also shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a bit off-putting to some as it’s not exactly the best looking game on the market. In fact, when the game originally launched in 2009 many thought it would fail. Notch, the game’s creator, released Minecraft in an era where beautiful visuals reigned supreme. Games like Call of Duty and Halo were largely dominating the scene with high definition visuals and high paces gameplay.

Lucky for Notch and Mojang (the company spawned from the creation of Minecraft) the game went on to be a success. People were enthralled by the immersive gameplay, endless possibilities and the chance to let their imagination run wild. However, despite being a quite popular game if you’re just getting into it, you’re going to need some guidance to make sure you’re able to make it through the first night.

Gather Your Tools

When you first start Minecraft, you have nothing but your bare hands. Luckily, using your bare hands you can chop (or punch) down a tree. From here you will be able to use the wood to make an immense amount of things. However, there are several things you’re going to need to make sure you get through the first night.
First and foremost you’re going to need a pickaxe. Despite not being very good for defense a pickaxe will allow you to mine more valuable materials. Once you get a pickaxe, you are then free to make both a regular axe and a sword. From here you’ll have virtually everything you need to at least survive the first night. Getting excited? Seeing how you can try Minecraft for free, you should be waiting for nothing.

Make a Home

Following the creation of your tools, you’re going to need shelter. There are several ways you can go about doing this; some which will take a short amount of time and others a long amount of time. The easiest way to create a shelter for your first night is within a mountain. Simply find the closest mountain and dig yourself a cave. You’re going to make sure you leave a space for a door at the entrance of the cave. Having a door will ensure that all baddies are kept out overnight so you can stay safe and sound.

While it’s not a complete necessity, you can also create torches if you find coal (which is very easy to find). This will allow you to illuminate your dwelling making it easier to create better gear.
Survive The Night

If you have a home, chances are you’ll be pretty safe throughout the night. However, you’re going to want to make good use of the night to ensure you have enough power to adventure the next day. To do this, it’s best if you collect a surplus of materials before calling it a night. This will allow you craft additional items such as a better sword, a suit of armor, better tools and even materials to build your first real home.

Ensuring you have enough tools, resources and a proper shelter should be good enough to survive the first night. From here you’re free to progressively create better tools and prepare yourself for your first home. If this sounds like fun to you but you’re still unsure whether you should take the leap, what do you have to lose? You can try Minecraft for free and see if you like it before hopping in.

ArticleWhen Minecraft Meets the Gaming Enthusiasts

This season’s latest Minecraft games have already entertained their patrons with their recent offerings. Off all the games, here are the three most popular minecraft games designed to thrill the gamer and let the players' imagination can go wild.


The Story behind the game: Mario, the original inhabitant of Mushroom kingdom was brought to the Minecraft city during the 1st half of August 2014. He has an ordained task of protecting the Princess Peach from the clutches of a group of violent radicals who usurp her while strolling in a forest surrounding her castle. This duty brings him to the Minecraft world where she is imprisoned in a dungeon. The aim of Mario is to save her in the Minecraft world and take her back to the Mushroom kingdom.

Mine Blocks 2

The aim of the player of Mine Blocks 2 is to provide the Minecraft lad with a beautiful house in the small Minecraft world. Currently homeless, without any acquaintances they player provides assistance to this guy, by mining resources such as trees, twigs, leaves, and the like. Mining these will bring the player close to other basic resources like wood, rock, coal, and more.

This game has 2 modes: Survival Mode and God Mode. The player should select either the Survive option or the God Mode option, as a primary step. Selecting the God Mode will provide the player with innumerable blocks to build his own world on the map. In contrast, is the player selects the Survive mode, mining blocks is possible by destroying trees and the ground further to allowing the Minecraft guy travel through these blocks to acquire them. Keeping in mind the availability of limited lives in the Survive mode, moves of the game should be in line to survive until end for a guaranteed victory.

Cloud Worlds

Cloud Worlds is a new game which has been developed along the lines of Minecraft. It too works with the basic idea of building blocks which are provided to the player as resources. But unlike Minecraft, this game offers a more creative environment to the player. There are no set Objectives - players decide what they want to do, no Obstacles and no Rules!!

Players are free to use the resources or blocks to create their own 'World' – they can create houses, buildings, castles and any other structure they fancy. In fact players can create an entire city of their dreams – their own little world in the Clouds!

Tools to Achieve the Objective

  • A Pickaxe to dig out or mine blocks. These blocks may be made of iron, brick, etc.
  • A Spatula which helps them to put these blocks together in desired order to achieve the final structure.
  • Decorative items like trees, plants, flowers etc., to add beauty to their creations.

Regular keyboard keys are used to navigate the way –upward, downward, and sideways and jump from one spot to another, to change tools and dig out the blocks.


ArticleCreativity at Its Best - The Online Game of Mine Blocks

Inspired by Minecraft, Mine Blocks is an entertaining 2D online mining game played on Flash, with an intention to mine, build, craft and explore one’s new world. To get started with life in a new world, it is pertinent to start collecting wood.

Designed by Zanzalanz, Mine Blocks is an adaption of most of the features of Minecraft's games, which allows the player to do anything depending on his creative instincts. Hence this game is regarded as a perfect arena for imaginative players who are at their best when building structures.

An "Out of World" Experience: Creation of the Player's Own World

Mine Blocks makes use of inbuilt materials, building tools, armors, stones and hammers. Creating the player’s world is the result of using these materials in conjunction with activities like exploring, discovering, mining, farming and crafting, which can be performed on randomly generated worlds. Amongst many other things that can be done, the player can collect diamonds, wage wars against monsters by defeating the ender dragon boss, design the red stone and also explore the nether.

Being a part of the journey itself to create one’s world provides unparalleled excitement to the player in the form of hunting and adventure escapades. Mining of resources and discovering land in Mine Blocks is in line with the player’s motive to building a house or a mansion. Freedom to work through the building plan will be fostered by emancipation of perils caused by monsters.

Instructions – The Mine Blocks' 1.26.5 version is the latest offering from Minecraft.

Players should be informed about the content and features of Mine Block items. It is advisable for players to take notice of materials, crafting tools and building structures. Travelling through the route map, the idea is to accumulate inventory which will be helpful in mining various available blocks. Inbuilt instructions can be used to collect resources to create building tools. Placing the created structures in line with an imaginative forethought will result in the final layout of the player’s world.

Mining Materials – The First Step to Creation

Positioning of the red cursor to target the item to be mined is done by moving the mouse. Then, clicking and keeping the mouse button till the block pops off will craft the block, when it is displayed. Dragging around blocks in the inventory is possible by clicking followed by pressing and holding down the SHIFT key. The CTRL key helps in opening the inventory. Dragging the blocks in the crafting area will enable the player to see what he can make.
The following connotations for selection of wood are listed below:

  • 1 wood equals 4 wooden planks.
  • 2 Wooden planks equal 4 sticks.
  • 4 wooden planks equal 1 crafting table.

The player can then choose to come out of the inventory to place blocks like crafting table on the map. Holding the SHIFT key, placing the GREEN cursor on it followed by CLICK + SHIFT will place the block at the designated spot. Begin playing now!