ArticleHow to Survive in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those games that may be off-putting at first but once you dive in, it’s hard to get away. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how incredibly immersive the title is. Of course, it also shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a bit off-putting to some as it’s not exactly the best looking game on the market. In fact, when the game originally launched in 2009 many thought it would fail. Notch, the game’s creator, released Minecraft in an era where beautiful visuals reigned supreme.

ArticleWhen Minecraft Meets the Gaming Enthusiasts

This season’s latest Minecraft games have already entertained their patrons with their recent offerings. Off all the games, here are the three most popular minecraft games designed to thrill the gamer and let the players’ imagination can go wild.


ArticleCreativity at its best – the online game of Mine Blocks

Inspired by Minecraft, Mine Blocks is an entertaining 2D online mining game played on Flash, with an intention to mine, build, craft and explore one’s new world. To get started with life in a new world, it is pertinent to start collecting wood.
Designed by Zanzalanz, Mine Blocks is an adaption of most of the features of Minecraft’s games, which allows the player to do anything depending on his creative instincts. Hence this game is regarded as a perfect arena for imaginative players who are at their best when building structures.